Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Daze

Yes. Yes I realize it's been um, a while, since I posted. Normally I would resume posting on about the first day of school (look at my cute bulletin boards! check out the cool stuff the principal bought for me!), but the thing is, I switched horses midstream. There I was happily trotting along in second grade when suddenly the music teacher retired and...well...can one really resist a "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease you'd be so good at it," from one's principal? Maybe you can, dear Reader, but I can't.

So now I teach K-5 music. Let's make this clear. I have 635 students. I am teaching four grades I've never taught before. I'm teaching a subject I've never taught before. I'm using equipment I've never used before. I am a complete and utter lunatic. It's almost like being a first year teacher all over again, minus the frightening ability to turn a classroom into total chaos in ten seconds flat. At least I've mastered that part.

So far the little ones are doing a lot of dancing to the beat..or, you know, to their inner drummer. If I can somehow manage to get (and post) video of the kindergarten rendition of "Mamma Mia," rest assured you will get to see it. Because EVERYBODY should see the kindergarten dancing to "Mamma Mia."

The middle grades are learning the notes of the staff. Slowly. Also "Allouette," because I figured any song about a small bird getting ripped to pieces by a chef would be popular with the second through fourth grades. I was right.

THe fifth grade thinks it has stumbled into a nightmare. I'm making them learn a much-abbreviated version of (Oberlin grads anyone?) Music History 101 with Professor Susskin. Today O mitissima, next week Ce fut en mai...and Justin Bieber. Look everyone! Look where those songs about far off love come from! Also, could you all stop saying "Justin Beaver?"

They're good sports though, some of it they find interesting (slaughter, dungeons, unfortunate forced marriages), and the rest they're willing to put up with.

Next time: Thoughts on our new chorus.